Classy As Fuck

I believe that when you know, you know! When I got it in my mind that I wanted to tattoo, it was life changing. A few times throughout life there are moments like these and they are incredibly powerful. This happened for me around the age of 15 in realizing I wanted to tattoo. Unfortunately, at that time, tattooing was illegal in the state of Massachusetts where I am from. That didn't stop my dream, however. I would get all the tattoo magazines I could find and re-draw every design to practice.

In 2001, Massachusetts was lucky enough to see the tattoo ban lifted thanks to Stephan Lanphear, who sued the state for 10 years for us to have the right to tattoo and be tattooed. We all owe him a huge thank you! Shortly after that, I got an apprenticeship with Little John Bury in North Carolina, and that is where my tattooing adventure began. During the summer of 2002, I had opportunities to travel to Martha's Vineyardwith Stephan and work at his shop. It was an honor to work for both of these men - and a special honor to be Little John Bury’s last apprentice. 

In June of 2009, I moved back to Massachusetts and now I am proud to have my own studio up and running!!! The studio is called Always and Forever Tattoo and is located in Watertown, MA, right outside Boston. It is Watertown's first tattoo studio EVER and I am very proud to bring the art form I love to this wonderful community! In the 15 years of my career, I have found it important to challenge myself and stay well-rounded as a tattoo artist by drawing every day.  As a result, I am able to work in almost any style. I do especially enjoy color, black and gray, traditional, realistic, roses, flowers,  skulls, cats, birds etc. I take pride in hybrid techniques that help create my unique custom works.

The process of collaborating with my clients and bringing their ideas to life is what I definitely enjoy most about tattooing. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the most basic ideas evolve into that large scale design a client has been waiting for; or a special smaller, one-point tattoo that evokes good memories.

All tattoos I work on are tailored to fit YOUR body and YOURS alone. 

September 2014 marked another milestone for my career in the launch of Lucky Cats Brand featuring original tattoo art on unisex hoodies, tanks, and t-shirts with limited edition designs. All designs and merchandise are available online and are on display at my Watertown shop.  

The joy I get seeing someone look at their new tattoo while that happy smile comes over their face is why I put all the care and detail into the work that I do. I absolutely love being a tattoo artist!!! 

I take nothing for granted!! 

If you would like to acquire a piece of artwork, clothing, or a tattoo, it would be my absolute pleasure.

Holly Azzara photo by Chandra Guthro3.jpg