Always & Forever Tattoo Studio is home to tattoo artist Holly Azzara.  Holly officially opened the doors in May of 2011, becoming the first tattoo shop in a small town located just outside of Boston, MA.  She strives to make an environment that is creative and comfortable for both clients and artist alike.  

Holly has had a passion for the art of tattooing since she was just a child.  With her 15 years of experience, she collaborates with every client to help bring their ideas to life and custom tailors their tattoo design to best fit each individual's body.  

Keeping a sharp eye on design and how it flows with the body, Holly works to elevate each piece to the next level.  Although her specialty is large scale tattoos, she enjoys working on medium and smaller scales and will take these projects on when she can.  

The variety of styles that tattooing has to offer has led Holly to work proficiently in many different techniques.  Traditional American, photo realistic black and gray, illustrative fine-line color work, cover ups, etc.  She’s intent on making sure the end product is a tattoo you’ll love more than you could possibly imagine now and one that will stand the test of time.

She also loves cats, really loves cats..... and a proud foster mom for Black Cat Rescue of Boston