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What are your hours?

A&F is a private, by-appointment only studio. There are no hours except the hours that Holly has already scheduled for tattoos and consultations.

Do you accept walk-ins? Can I stop by and talk about my ideas?

Holly does not accept walk-ins. The private environment of A&F allows Holly to focus on her guests in providing a kickass tattoo. Dropping by to chat means that you will be interrupting someone’s scheduled tattoo time. Please be considerate of Holly’s clients time and email or call with a brief description of your tattoo ideas. We will guide you on what steps to take next.

How much do you charge? Can I get a price quote if I email you a photo?

Each tattoo Holly creates is a unique, 100% custom piece. Until she has a sit-down consultation with you, there is no way to provide an accurate price quote. 

How do I get started and set up a consult with Holly?

Sending an email with a brief description of your tattoo ideas is THE BEST way to get things started at A&F. Holly will then move you to a pre-consult form if she believes she can accommodate your project. The pre-consult form allows you to not only explain your tattoo ideas in detail, but also lets you attach up to 5 reference photos. The pre-consult form is really where your tattoo ideas begin to come to life! Occasionally, Holly puts consultations on hold due to volume. When this happens, she gives a date for when the consults are set to open again— IT IS SO IMPORTANT to contact her at that date given, or you may miss your chance to get on the wait list for that booking cycle!

What is involved in the consultation?

Since Holly has an awesome two-step consult process, she starts with a password protected pre-consult form link. Filling out this form in its entirety is very important! There’s space to elaborate on your tattoo ideas, and space to attach 5 reference photos, telling Holly what inspires you about each one. After the form is reviewed, Holly will have a better idea of if she can accommodate your tattoo; if so, you will be moved to an in-person consultation. This is where Holly goes over ALL your questions (including location, size, style, budget, etc.) and the two of you then formulate a tattoo plan together. At the end of your consult- if both of you are confident with moving forward- then you will place a retainer to reserve your appointment and be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list is booked chronologically, and when booking day comes, all clients are called in order of retainers received and are then booked tattoo appointments for the upcoming year. Holly has refined this booking system to keep it fair for all clients, old and new. This also allows her to keep organized and find a good balance of what Holly takes on compared to what she is finishing.

How can I be better prepared for my in-person consult?

Filling out the pre-consult form in its entirety ensures you will have a rewarding and comprehensive in-person consult! If you have more ideas or reference photos than the consult form allows, Holly welcomes you to bring in any additional photos to go over in person. Together, you both will create a simple plan for your tattoo. Your retainer is placed at your in-person consultation, and goes toward your LAST session with Holly. Most retainers are $300-$500 and non-refundable. Holly accepts cash payment.

I want a larger scale tattoo, but don’t know where to start…?

Larger scale tattoos - like sleeves and back pieces- are made up of different components weaved together to create a cohesive, and gorgeous work of art. It is Holly’s job to create your custom piece, and she will guide you through combining or simplifying ideas to fit your body in the most flattering way. Start by brainstorming and outlining your subject matter ideas,  personal inspirations, and styles you like, and Holly will help you refine these into a great tattoo plan. Don't get overwhelmed with figuring out exactly how all your ideas will work together, that part will evolve during the in-person consultation.

Does Holly do cover-ups?

Yes! Lots of them and loves the challenge!! For a cover-up, Holly suggests focusing on 5 themes (think nautical, animals, flowers and plants, goddesses, skulls, etc) and being a little flexible. The more open minded you are and the more subjects you have to work with, the better the cover up will be. Holly will work with your ideas to formulate a plan for a beautiful, lasting fresh tattoo. Many of her portfolio pieces are actually coverups! 

I’m out of state, how do I get started with the tattoo process?

Holly takes special care in consulting through email and over the phone with her out-of-state/out-of-country clients. Between the pre-consult form, and a lengthy phone consultation, you will feel confident in formulating a tattoo plan with Holly. Out of state/country clients also get booked slightly before booking day to best accommodate travel schedules. 

If Holly cannot accommodate my tattoo request, can I get a referral?

Researching your tattoo artist is something Holly feels very strongly about. If Holly cannot accommodate your tattoo project, she recommends researching artists that have similar subject matter and style to what you are looking for. A tattoo is very personal, and only you can decide which artist has the technique you like, who you communicate well with, and who you feel the most comfortable with! Take your time and do your research, it will be rewarding!

Does Holly only create large scale tattoos? 

Holly specializes in all kinds of tattoos; however, larger scale, full body part tattoos (like back pieces, sleeves, bodysuits, etc) are a majority of her schedule. She does enjoy creating medium and single session custom tattoos as well and loves to take them on when the schedule permits. See her portfolio online, for an idea of the scope and style of her tattoos.

Does Holly do portraits? 

Holly creates amazing pet portraits, and also will consider vintage portraits (old photos, celebrity photos etc) of humans. If you are looking for a portrait of a human that is not of a vintage nature, Holly strongly suggests researching specialty portrait tattooers. 

Will Holly create a watercolor, biomechanical, landscape, Celtic knot or dragon tattoo for me?

Sorry friends, no. Holly has a very diverse portfolio, and will take on many different kinds of projects. However, there are certain subject matters and styles Holly just does not feel she is the right artist for. She wants to see you get the best tattoo you can, even when she may not be best suited for your project. In those cases, she’ll recommend that you research other artists.

How should I prepare for my tattoo session? What should I wear?

Be clean, and wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that make access to the tattooed area on your body easy. Be sure to eat a good meal beforehand to keep your energy up. Feel free to also bring a picnic with you (beverages and snacks). Holly does have some snacks and water at the studio. Also, it is also wise to not drink too heavily the day before - trust us on this one! If you are traveling to get tattooed and do not plan on staying locally after your session, we suggest bringing a friend with you that may help drive home.

What happens if I have to cancel an appointment?

Holly schedules her tattoos very carefully, and in advance. If you must cancel an appointment, be sure to call the studio citing the date and time of the appointment you are canceling. Feel free to follow up your phone call with an email, but be mindful we check emails just twice a week at A&F. Calling and talking to Holly or leaving a voicemail is really important. As long as you give 1 week notice for in-progress tattoos or 2 weeks notice for a first appointment for a cancelation, Holly will find another guest to take your slot and reschedule your appointment appropriately with your tattoo plan. Last minute emergencies happen, but MUST be communicated before the scheduled appointment. 

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