Ben G.

Over the past 10 years tattoos have become a major part of my life, and one of my favorite hobbies and after meeting Holly, my love for tattooing has grown exponentially. Holly’s passion for her work and ability to connect with her clients manifests in every piece she does. She is incredibly professional, and makes you feel comfort regardless if your pants are on or off. I also appreciate Holly’s honesty and ability to recognize proper placement, as well as recognizing how to utilize your body as her canvas. Most of all, I trust Holly’s decision making, which is fundamental in the relationship between an artist and their client. Overall, what makes Holly great is her ability to connect with her clients and now she is not only my tattoo artist, but she is also my friend.

ALEX & Dana s.

My husband, Dana & I met Holly by chance at another studio years ago.  We went in to consult about a cover-up my husband wanted.  He was told by the studio owner that it could not be done. Holly was called in as a last resort to back up what the owner was saying.  Immediately she & Dana's ideas gelled and a plan was formed.  You cannot tell Holly's work is a cover up.  She has since done other cover ups on him that have resulted in full sleeves on both arms.  She was delighted to get virgin canvas on his torso.  She has also graced my arms with full sleeves.  The next generation will be sitting with her soon.  Her work is stunning.  I get stopped and complimented on the art I wear on a regular basis.  Her attention to detail is bar none.  I feel fortunate to call her my artist & friend.


Glenn M.

I had been thinking about getting a Filipino national themed tattoo for about 4-5 years.  It took me that long to come up with a concept so I was completely comfortable with the tattoo itself. The Filipino Eagle was to be the centerpiece with national flowers, elements from the flag, and a few other meaningful elements worked in.  I had originally planned on a half sleeve but after a consultation with Holly, the half sleeve wouldn’t be enough space. While my first thought was to compromise on the tattoo, Holly knew how important each element was to me. She was able to counsel me on what would make the best tattoo and helped me get over my hesitation to do a full back tattoo (way bigger than I had originally planned). Holly has been doing this for a long time and has a great sense of what's important to her clients.  I was so impressed with the consultation process that by the time we started the tattoo, I relied almost entirely on her artistic interpretation because I was so confident she knew exactly what I was going for.  In the end, the tattoo far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks Holly!


Warren C.

I had a sleeve done by Holly over the course of a year. I loved seeing it evolve over that time. I took some time researching artists. I wanted somebody local but way more importantly, wanted someone who is amazing at what they do and cares about health and safety. Holly was great to work with. At the beginning I had a little bit of trepidation, and she totally put my mind at ease. She's also a really good person, a lot of fun, and has a way of making the hours go by quickly. The result is a beautiful piece of artwork that I am very proud of. I HIGHLY recommend her!


I want to thank you for the best tattoo  sessions that I have ever experienced. Prior to finding you, I had seen many different artists, but your professionalism, cleanliness, and artistic talent is unparalleled. You were able to take an idea for my Princess Disney sleeve and turn it into the most beautiful work of art! Almost everyday someone approaches me and compliments the work you so effortlessly produce. I can't wait to work on more pieces in the near future. 

Alex h.

I walked in to Holly’s shop four years ago as a middle-aged guy who had been daydreaming for a decade about getting a nature-based arm sleeve.  It was gonna be a black-and-grey mountain range, kinda like an Ansel Adams photo.

Thank the gods/ goddesses/ forces-that-be for Holly.

In her warm, visionary way, she imagined what would truly look and fit better to the contours of my arm than what I had been stuck on mentally for ages.  She convinced me to re-conceptualize and find further, broader and deeper inspirations and subjects.

What emerged out of my favorite passions—combined with the inspired flow of Holly’s creative spirit from her heart and mind, through her hand, to its very fingertips—was a living piece of art that blew away any expectations I could have had earlier.

From the bright autumn-yellow of aspen leaves, to the ethereal true-sky-blue of a jay; from the amazing patterned line-work of a monarch butterfly, to a bird’s layered and checker-boarded feathers and wings; from the blood-red of flower petals to the delicately-wrought veins of a mahogany-brown oak leaf… Holly rendered a masterpiece.

I was so psyched and so moved by the results, that there was no stopping at just the one arm (which had been my original intention).

Over the next several years, Holly has dazed and amazed me with vibrant, powerful beauty etched upon my other arm, chest, neck and back (and soon she embarks on a leg sleeve).  From snow leopards to deer; cardinals to alpine peaks and beyond, I am stunned and pleased at the end of each session with her.  It should no longer be a surprise… but in a strange way, it is so nice that it continues to always reveal more than I could have anticipated.

Holly is a poet and an artisan.  She motivates and challenges me to dig deeper to find great subject matter which she then interprets in her own remarkable ways.  Although it’s of secondary importance to the process and the result, the sheer number of people who have come up to me over the years to comment and marvel at my tattoos are a testimony to her unique talent.  It has been a joy and a privilege to be on this artistic and personal journey with her.